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Series: Funding the IoT

Series on Funding: “Rolling up your sleeves without emptying your pockets.”

Do you have an idea for a new and exciting Internet of Things (IoT) product but you don’t know how you are going to find the money to fund it? We’re working on a series for the summer on various funding programs such as the SR&ED program, Digital Media Tax Credits and others. Many of our partners have wondered whether their collaborations within DDiMIT affect their ability to access these programs or better whether they open up new possible funding avenues for their projects.

We already have the first session scheduled on July 7 when an advisor with the SR&ED Program will come and share details on how the program works. We have a second session planned with specialists from KPMG who will cover the Digital Media Tax Credits. Stay tuned for a complete summary of the series and dates.

In the meantime we are looking for your ideas for sessions and for your specific challenges and questions about programs so our speakers can come armed with answers for you. Please send your ideas and questions to Adriana: adriana.ieraci [at]


On July 7 Dan Maclean from the SR&ED program will join us for the open lab from 4-6pm to give us an overview of the SR&ED program and the kinds activities that are supported through the program.  The SR&ED program funds approximately $4 billion in Canadian R&D annually.

IoT projects are unique in that they span not only software and digital media but hardware as well.  Furthermore much of the work done at DDiMIT builds on open source hardware and software. How does this affect your SR&ED claim?  How will you structure collaborations and partnerships in order to effectively access the program?

If you have specific questions you would like to ask Dan please email them to adriana.ieraci [at] and she will collect and pass them on.

Please RSVP at:

Hope to see you on July 7!

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