ThingTank Lab

Series: Idea Jams

Idea Jams – Roll up your (brain) sleeves.

If you have an idea that you need help with, come pitch it at our bi-monthly events. This is no Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank! Idea Jams are informal get-togethers with just enough structure to make sure that you get something of value out of coming.

Innovating in the Internet of Things requires collaboration. Indeed, the nature of IoT products is such that very different types of expertise are needed to achieve a viable offering. Knowledge of hardware, electronics, software design, user interface design and materials prototyping are necessary to create such a product. Finding collaborators with such specialised knowledge may be a challenge on its own and may in itself influence and shape product ideas.

The Idea Jams series was created to provide access to systematic collaborative development of ideas and key working partnerships. It does this by creating connections and providing resources for partners through knowledge transfer methods that involve idea generation and exploration.

Jams are inspired by brainstorming, bodystorming and pitch events. Presenters have 10 minutes to describe their ideas and specify what they are looking for during the jam. Participants are then given 20 minutes to discuss and brainstorm on the presenter’s idea and needs. Ideas are then reported back to the whole group and the presenter during a plenary session. Interested participants and presenters are encouraged to share contact information to continue the discussion and collaborate on the idea.

Need some help figuring out an idea? Sign up to present at our next event using our handy web form below!

Intellectual Property & Collaboration Policy

By attending you agree that all ideas discussed in reference to the presenter’s project during the individual segments of the Idea Jam become the property of the presenter. This is a pay-it-forward event. If during the event you have an idea that you want to develop on your own, keep it to yourself.