ThingTank Lab

About ThingTank Lab

The ThingTank Lab is an open, community based collaborative ideation lab: a place where the exploration, experimentation, and exchange of ideas are developed towards the building of internet enabled “things”. The Lab catalyzes development and research around how our data-connected world is increasingly moving off the screen and into the everyday world of objects, buildings and activities. Since 2009, ThingTank (formerly DDiMIT) has been offering workshops, idea jams and roundtable events aimed at fostering and supporting activity in this exciting area. The Lab also works with academics and people from private enterprise interested in idea generation related to building things that address real world problems. Its mission is to provide academic, private and public sector institutions and their players the space and opportunity to forge creative and financial partnerships by match-making goals, expertise and initiatives.


ThingTank is led by Matt Ratto, ThingTank Director and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, and supported by the Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI) and the Faculty of Information at UofT. The partner organizations take an active role in the leadership of the consortium through their involvement in working groups and steering committee.


ThingTank is made possible by a partnership grant from the Ontario Media Development Corporation n behalf of the Ministry of Culture, and the continuing support of KMDI and the Faculty of Information