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This article was written on 24 Jul 2012, and is filled under Idea Jams.

Idea Jam 18: Campus Architecture

Join us on July 31, 5PM for a special edition Idea Jam dedicated to Campus Architecture & Materialization of Digital Media. Register below! Please note that this idea jam will take place in our new space on campus: Robarts Library, 1st Floor, room 1050 – look for the signs!

This project brings together several areas of research already underway and moves the two strands into a third, more experimental domain. One of the original strands has to do with the postwar development of University of Toronto’s building program (various architecture projects) in conjunction with changes in pedagogy and technology (Mary Lou Lobsinger). The other area has to do with the current planning and acquisition of real estate for future expansion of U of T’s “west campus” (Matthew Allen). The third thing is the making of a short video on particular spaces of the university. We started with a grand concept (political critique, private/public space etc.) and now are trying to figure out how to make a short, not too naïve, video. We are absolute novices in working with moving images. The video will be comprised of stills and drawings from the archives, current new footage, and a 3-D model that Matthew Allen has prepared for a very differently oriented study of the university.

After a quick assessment of archival materials that the undergraduate work-study students found at the Robarts Library and at the City of Toronto Archives we have decided to focus on past and present plans for the development of Huron Street. Work-study students have also found film materials prepared for television broadcast and promotional purposes.

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