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This article was written on 28 Jun 2012, and is filled under Press.

DIY Economics: ThingTank on The Agenda

Have you tuned in to TVO’s The Agenda this week? If so, you might have caught a glimpse of Marie-Eve sitting in on a small panel with co-interviewee Jonathan Guberman, co-founder of Site3. We were extremely honoured to have been invited to share our views on the maker movement and its intersection with innovation. Where is this movement going? Can you monetize small scale making? What do you think?

See the video below! (and sorry for the weird frozen-face-thumbnail of myself, Marie-Eve!)

If there’s a silver-lining to tough economic times, it’s the inventiveness brought on by necessity. From new and renewed ways to make things people want and need, to how to make such ventures economically viable, The Agenda examines emerging trends forged today for tomorrow’s economy.

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