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This article was written on 25 Jan 2012, and is filled under Idea Jams.

Idea Jam 13

Pitch! Pitch! Pitch!
Do you know how it feels when you have a new idea for a product or service you are excited about and you know you need feedback on it? You never feel quit ready to share your idea until you have worked out details and the first pitch is always nerve-wracking as you wait for the first reaction from someone other than your mom or your loyal dog.

When you are a new entrepreneur pitching is an important way to obtain feedback and refine your idea especially when you have a chance to discuss it with potential customers, partners and investors. Come and hear pitches from some of our students at the Faculty of Information who are developing their own business ideas in a new course entitled “Launching Information Ventures”.

Students will be looking to you in the community for knowledge, expertise, opinion and especially some of your enthusiasm. At this point students have to decide on what idea to proceed with for the rest of the term so your input could substantially influence their decision.
We don’t have a final list of projects to be presented however students are currently thinking about ideas in the mobile games, GIS, library services, food information transparency, and news aggregation spaces.

This Idea Jam will be slightly modified so that 6 students will present preliminary pitches and one group of participants will discuss their pitch.

This idea jam will begin at 6pm but will be longer than most ending at 8:30pm.
We hope to see you there!

*** PLEASE NOTE – CHANGE OF LOCATION*** this Idea Jam will be held at the Faculty of Information, 140 St George Street, Room 728, Toronto

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