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This article was written on 17 Jan 2012, and is filled under Idea Jams.

Idea Jam 12: Green Heroes!

Join us on January 25, 6PM-8PM, for a special edition Idea Jam dedicated to the Green Heroes project.

GreenHeroes is a multiplatform campaign that has a first TV Series Broadcast on TVO and a second in pre-production, a web series and various social media outlets. Our mission is not only to create awareness, but to inspire people to take action for our planet and become GreenHeroes themselves. Each episode features profiles of people who have shifted their world view and suddenly understood that they can help save the planet. We have featured David Suzuki, nobel peace prize winner Wangari Maathai, musicians like Sarah Harmer, sports players like Andrew Ferrence, amongst many others.

We are now wanting to move on to the development of a GreenHeroes Online “game” or “call to action” (still working on determining this), in which we are hoping to inspire and get people to take action for the environment, however small or large the action may be. Specific questions TBD

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