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This article was written on 02 Mar 2011, and is filled under Events.

DDiMIT Round Table: Intellectual Property and the Internet of Things (March 10)

We are pleased to invite you to our second DDiMIT Round Table. This month’s topic will be Intellectual Property in the context of the Internet of Things. The Round Table will take place at the DDiMIT Lab (376 Bathurst, basement unit), on March 10, 2011, 6PM-8PM. Please register here or below.

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As researchers, designers, inventors, authors or entrepreneurs – really, anyone who deals with novel ideas and products of the mind – we must be aware of the importance of intellectual property in our work, and indeed reflect on the role that IP plays in our daily doings. Intellectual property can play a critical role in enabling innovation and industrial competitiveness, yet some individuals are not even aware of their own intellectual property.

Furthermore, working in the novel context of the Internet of Things – a context where new technologies, often with deep roots in the hacking and open source culture – may bring to bear new aspects, issues and conflicts surrounding IP. For instance, ┬áthe recent IP struggles of the 3D Printing sites Shapeways and Thingiverse point to entirely new possibilities, risks and gray zones. As a result of a recent DMCA takedown notice, these 3D printing communities have been forced to regroup and create a licensing framework to “resolve these issues in the future without the slow and heavy hand of law and legislation choking the speed and creativity of the online maker movement” (Shapeways Blog).,-3D-Printing-DMCA.html

This second DDiMIT Round Table will attempt to demystify and clarify the concept of Intellectual Property and explore the new face of Intellectual Property in the context of the Internet of Things and of maker/hacker technologies. Additionally, this round table will take a step back and reflect on the management of IP in a collaborative situation, looking at how to handle IP in collaborative DDiMIT projects involving academic, private and public interests.

Joining us and helping us untangle some of the more thorny issues will be multiple IP experts, ranging from IP lawyers to entrepreneurs dealing with IP on a daily basis.

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