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Workshop 10: Extension of Man: Hacking the Body

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM What is a prosthetic? We have seen artificial limbs for amputees and the Cheetah (R) foot for track and field athletes. You can have your […]

Nov, 22

Workshop 9: Arduino + Android Open Accessory

ThingTank will be hosting an Arduino + Android Open Accessory Workshop in its lab, as part of the AndroidTO conference. Android Open Accessory support opens up the ability of Android devices to accept input from […]

Oct, 25

Workshop 8: Toy-Making for the Geek in You

Ever wanted to steal your kid’s (or someone else’s kid’s) “Tickle Me Elmo” to take it apart and see how it works? Ever take one apart and then panic when you couldn’t put it back […]

Oct, 17

Workshop 7: Design basics for complete and utter non-designers

ThingTank is back from a brief workshop hiatus! For this workshop, we are taking a step back to explore design basics. Workshop 7:Design Basics for complete and utter non-designers What can you learn about the […]

Sep, 22

Workshop announcement: The Network as Material

In this 3-day workshop media artist Julian Oliver guides participants through an in depth study of the network as a medium for creating art. The workshop explores the many tools available for interrogating and manipulating […]

Apr, 29

Making Noise!

What a wonderfully noisy workshop! Thank you to Mark Argo from Aesthetec for hosting this workshop in our DDiMIT space! In this workshop, we went through some of the basics of making a physical electronic […]

Apr, 15

Fourth Workshop – Augmented Reality and Layar

The fourth workshop addressed the practical implications of augmented reality (AR) by helping participants create their own AR application for smartphones. This workshop showcased the opportunities of geolocation coupled with augmented reality for academic, business […]

Jan, 10


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