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Welcome to the (electric) Dollhouse

Welcome to the (electric) Dollhouse,┬ádeveloped by Matt Ratto, Mike Borg (Faculty of Information), and Greg Jamieson and Josh Stein (Mechanical Engineering) Funded by a FedDev Grant. Private partner Ecobee Inc. Monitoring energy consumption has been […]

Aug, 30

DIY Economics: ThingTank on The Agenda

Have you tuned in to TVO’s The Agenda this week? If so, you might have caught a glimpse of Marie-Eve sitting in on a small panel with co-interviewee Jonathan Guberman, co-founder of Site3. We were […]

Jun, 28

ThingTank Director discusses the Internet of Things in New Scientist

ThingTank Director Matt Ratto is featured in this week’s New Scientist magazine, discussing the role of the Internet of Things and evocative objects. Journalist MacGregor Campbell focuses his article on home automation, stating that “Thousands […]

Apr, 25


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